• Diogo Pedrosa Corrêa da Silva Universidade Federal de Lavras.
  • Patrícia Duarte de Oliveira Paiva Departamento de Agricultura - Universidade Federal de Lavras
  • Renato Paiva Setor de Fisiologia Vegetal - Departamento de Biologia - Universidade Federal de Lavras.
  • Eduardo Alves Universidade Federal de Lavras
  • Jorge Marcelo Padovani Porto Universidade Federal dos Vales do Jequitinhonha e Mucuri
  • Michele Valquíria dos Reis Universidade Federal de Lavras.


Recently, there has been increasing interest in gerberas
(Gerbera jamesonii), since its flowers present good durability and
a range of colors that can satisfy the most demanding markets.
The propagation, sexual and asexual, of gerbera presents a
number of problems such as uneven seed germination and
propagation of disease via clumps. Faced with these problems,
tissue culture is an alternative for the production of healthy and
large-scale seedlings. However, it is still necessary to improve
the steps of the propagation to turn this process more efficient.
The aim of this study was to analyze and characterize the aspects
of gerbera leaves in different stages of acclimatization. Gerberas
leaves were used at different stages of acclimatization: before
acclimatization, 30 days after acclimatization in growth room
and plants in full sunlight (field). Analyses were performed using
scanning electron microscope in different leaf positions: adaxial
and abaxial epidermis and perpendicular (Cryofracture). The
results showed that during the acclimatization, the adaxial face
presented a decrease in the number of stomata which was absent
in plants in full sunlight. In the abaxial surface the formation
of trichomes was observed during acclimatization and higher
internal organization in leaves acclimatized and taken to the
field, showing that the acclimatization of Gerbera jamesonii is
a step of large changes for the plant.




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SILVA, D. P. C. da; PAIVA, P. D. de O.; PAIVA, R. .; ALVES, E. .; PORTO, J. M. P. .; REIS, M. V. dos . ANATOMIC ASPECTS OF GERBERA PLANTS DURING ACCLIMATIZATION. Plant Cell Culture & Micropropagation - ISSN 1808-9909, [S. l.], v. 11, n. 1, p. 27-31, 2015. Disponível em: Acesso em: 12 jul. 2024.